venerdì 10 marzo 2017

Charisma ringrazia per i 20 anni di anniversario di Buffy

Charisma scrive queste bellissime parole su Instagram, riguardo l'anniversario dei 20 anni di Buffy. ❤❤

"Hard to believe.
What an honor to have been a part of something that resonated so deeply with so many and is equally relevant today as it was then.
It's impossible to articulate.
It's equally impossible to express the gratitude I have for the gifts this show has given me.
I am too emotional hence, stymied.
But, I can say Thank You.
Thank you to these amazing people for creating, executing and championing our little feminist horror show: #JossWhedon#GailBerman #MarciaSchumann#DavidGreenwalt #MartiNoxon#DavidFury Thank you to our entire crew, ( special shout out to the Transpo dept. )
Thank you to all of the wonderful Directors.
Thank you to arguably one of most watchable and talented casts I have ever had the pleasure to work with and learn from.
But the biggest Thank You is to the fans.
Buffy has THE BEST, most loyal fans possible. With out your dedication and passion for the show, none of this would be a conversation today.
Thank you."

E sta continuando a postare cose su twitter riguardanti l'anniversario. Che dolce. ❤

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